Andrew – 6 days old

I  know it does not always feel ideal to clients if they find out I should my sessions at their homes. They worry about space, they worry about having to keep their home neat for a stranger and they worry about supplying the props for the shoot.

Firstly, I do bring along all the props and little outfits I use in the shoots.  Secondly, I do not need a big area for my shoots, generally just a small spot close to a window will do. Thirdly, I do not mind what you house looks like, I am completely understanding about the fact that you just brought a little human being into this world and that the whole household’s routine has been turned up side down. My focus is on your little one and my shoot with him or her and NOT on my surroundings.

Lastly shooting at someone’s house has benefits. You do not have to take your little one out into the cold. Your little one stays in the surroundings in which he/she has just settle into. You have the privacy to breastfed etc. Then one of my favourite benefits is that I get a chance to sometime use beautiful pieces of furniture, baskets or blankets that you have at your home and that you yourself have not even realized could be used in the shoot, like the little blue footstool I used in this shoot.







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