Nikon Newborn Children and Family Workshop

I have been asked by Nikon South Africa to host a Newborn Children and Family Photography workshop. The workshop will take place on the 4th of November at the Beach Hotel from 9am until 1pm.





The 4 hour workshop will cover the following:
• Find common ground between family, newborn and kiddies photography.
• Create a relationship with your clients.
• To capture what counts
• Practical hands on children photography session

Points that will also be covered:
• Newborn photography
o Session prep
o Easy and affordable setups
o Using natural light
o Easy posing and wrapping techniques
o What you should avoid
o Tips for success
• Family photograpy
o How to pose
o Finding a moment
o Making clients feel at ease
• Kids photography
o How does it differ from family & newborn (challenges)
o Common ground with family and newborn

To secure your seat, please book today at

Please join me for a morning of fun, sharing some tips and just learning to find your own way. So whether you are a professional photographer, a beginner photographer or just a mommy wanting to take better photos, this is the workshop for you.

Kindly note: although hosted by Nikon South Africa – the workshop is open for ALL camera users.


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