What to expect when you book a newborn session

So you just a had your long expected little bundle and you are looking forward to your pre-booked newborn session. You are excited but also nervous as you do not know what to expect. Its also a bit daunting to think a stranger will be handling your new baby and its understandable to feel a bit overwhelmed. This is a short post to explain what happens during a newborn session.


When you arrive you will be led through to my newborn area – this area will be very warm, so do not worry about your baby being cold, you in the other hand will be advised to dress in layers. In summer we take photos in a room that gets sun the whole day, in winter there will be plenty of heaters to make sure the area is nice and warm.

I will leave the room to go wash & sanitize my hands (and to also give you a chance to settle into the area) and when I return, I will explain the flow of the session to you, which will differ depending on the type of session you booked. Baby will be undressed and if they need a feed or just a top up feed, we will do this now. If baby is very sleepy, baby will be place into my very capable hands.

If baby is awake, I will take some time to get baby to fall asleep. This can sometimes take some time – so please do not feel anxious. Remember baby is now in a new environment and for some of the baby’s it will be the first time out of the house since they left the hospital. Why must baby be asleep for the session you may be asking at this point?

  1. When baby asleep it make posing them easier to do
  2. Its safer – there is not sudden movements of their heads, hands and feet and they can be safely placed into the required prop setup or beanbag
  3. It looks better – they have a habit of pulling quite a few silly faces while they are awake which is super adorable but ultimately we want to showcase all their features in calm, sleepy photos.

Depending on baby, we might require to stop a few times during the session for a quick feed, or just some hugging from mom & dad for comfort or to change a nappy. Your baby’s needs always comes first during the session.

It might sometimes take some time to get baby to the point where they are ready to be posed, and these sessions require a lot of patience, so when you book a session keep in mind that this is not a quick session and can take anywhere from between 1 &half hour to 3&half hours. Keeping calm during the session is of utmost importance, and a impatience, stressed vibe in the studio is mostly the reason why a session is not successfull or baby acts uncomfotable because they can feel the atmosphere in the room. If you do feel anxious, you a welcome to step out into the waiting area for a little bit or use this time to take a well deserved nap, as baby will always be safe with me

When I am done with session – baby will be handed back to you and you can dress baby and if needed, feed baby again before you go home.

After the session, the waiting period for the final product is 4 weeks, so also keep this in mind when you book your session. I want to deliver the best possible photos to you in the end.

This is now a short summary of what to expect when you book a session. I hope this puts you more on ease and I look forward to meeting you and your little bundle of joy soon.

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