Deenah Cakesmash {Focused}

Deenah’s mom decided to go for a more simplistic look – hoping I will see more of these in 2020! […]

Spring cakesmash Special!!

Spring is here and I am eager to start shooting outdoor cakesmashes again! So to celebrate spring me, in collaboration […]

Superman Cakesmash = Super Cute!

I really enjoyed setting up and doing this Cakesmash. Each Cakesmash I do I try to create something unique for […]

Deacon – Een jaartjie oud

Mamma Anke wou eers ‘n veld fotosessie gehad het maar het toe besluit op ‘n strand sessie. Ek is so […]

Iviwe’s First Birthday

This little poppet recently came for a session to celebrate her first Birthday!