Jayde – Bump

Jayde’s baby boy was born on Tuesday evening and I am getting ready to photograph him shortly, but wanted to share her bump shoot first.

fcp-1 - Copy fcp-4 - Copy fcp-8 - Copy fcp-10 - Copy fcp-12 - Copy fcp-14 - Copy fcp-15 - Copy fcp-18 - Copy fcp-19 - Copy fcp-21 - Copy fcp-22 - Copy fcp-23 - Copy fcp-26 - Copy fcp-28 - Copy fcp-29 - Copy fcp-33 - Copy fcp-35 - Copy fcp-40 - Copy fcp-58 - Copy fcp-60 - Copy fcp-61 - Copy fcp-66 - Copy fcp-70 fcp-73 fcp-74 fcp-77 fcp-79 fcp-82 fcp-84 fcp-87 fcp-89 fcp-90 fcp-97 fcp-100 fcp-104 fcp-109 fcp-112 fcp-115 fcp-118 fcp-123 fcp-125 fcp-128 fcp-134I

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