Your baby is Unique – and should be treated as such

When you book your baby’s newborn session with me, you should know that I book out the entire day just for you and your baby. I usually start early morning with my session (around 8:00 – 08:30).

Why do I book  out the entire day, and not book anything in the afternoon? Because each baby is unique. Some baby’s sleep throughout the whole session and I can easily work through a few poses and setups within 2-3 hours. Some babies struggle to settle, need a few feeds and comfort before they finally are sleepy enough to pose, which could then make the session longer because we are waiting for your baby. Some babies like lying on the stomach, some hate it and will be uncomfortable immediate. Some hate being adjusted, and you literally have to work around what they are allowing you to do.

I take my time figuring out your baby, find out what is comfortable for him/her and making sure they are totally asleep before I start posing.

Why do I need them to be asleep – its safer – especially for posing on the beanbag. When they are tightly wrapped you can do some awake posing, if they are calm and relaxed.

So please know that when you book, you will get my FULL attention for the duration of your session. I will not rush your session and work calmly on creating beautiful, classic images that you will be able to treasure for generations to come.

I would love to meet your baby soon.





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